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Hari Balakrishna : Fountain Pens and the art of collecting

Hari Balakrishna on Fountain pen collecting Hari Balakrishna is one of the foremost authorities on India made fountain pens. An penthusiast who has carefully nurtured his all consuming love for everything fountain over the last three decades, painstakingly creating, in the process a collection that is unmatched both in quality and


All the President’s Pens

Famous men and their Fountain pens Shri Pranab Mukherjee assumed office as the 13th President of India on July 25, 2012, crowning a political career of over five decades of exemplary service to the nation in Government as well as Parliament. Shri Mukherjee is a man of unparalleled experience in


Meet Andrzej, Jerry and their creation – the World’s First Purpose built 3D printed fountain pens

The World’s First Purpose built 3D printed fountain pens are being built, literally adding layer on layer even as you read this. Manufacturing through such “adding”, instead of removing material, opens up endless possibilities for design – unique design, to be precise. Additive manufacturing revolution is not about making things at home, it is