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Meet Andrzej, Jerry and their creation – the World’s First Purpose built 3D printed fountain pens

The World’s First Purpose built 3D printed fountain pens are being built, literally adding layer on layer even as you read this. Manufacturing through such “adding”, instead of removing material, opens up endless possibilities for design – unique design, to be precise. Additive manufacturing revolution is not about making things at home, it is


Khyati Sketching Pen

This is the pen that was made famous by the “Munims” (traditional accountants of Gujarat and Rajastan). Just imagine – a tool of trade of the hard nosed, people employed to keep track of incomes and expenses – naturally, the device has to be reliable, robust and above all, value


ASA Aqua Blue Translucent Acrylic Nauka

If you are a collector of Fountain Pens, an aficionado, then you too must nurse a desire to own an Indian fountain pen, one that will hold its own in your collection of the epoch makers, even give you pleasure as it records your thoughts for posterity. Problem is, Indian


Those were the days…of Pre-Loved Fountain Pens

Officially, they are past their prime. Some geriatric, some senile, some plain outliving their utility. Some have been shunted out to old-age homes never to return, while others are barely tolerated in what they once considered as their homes, even as they too prepare to meet their maker. They have